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Bio Orgone - Scalar Soap

Introduction To The Nano-Scalar Germanium Soap Bars

This soap contains no resin, like general orgone  product all ingredients are purely good for the skin

These  Germanium Soap Bars are the latest in skin care technology. These are  not just soap but they are fully compatible to be used on face, body and  hair. Using the Germanium soap bar will you give a visible improvement  in no time. It has got a natural oriental aroma to give you clean and  fresher feeling all the time.


The Secret  of Germanium Soap Bar

The Germanium soap bar contains plenty of Germanium (200ppm) and  Selenium (91ppm). It also contain Scalar  Energized Water,  Sodium Hydroxide, Garcina Mangostana Peel Extract, Aloe Barbadensis  Leaf   Extract, Algae Extract Fragrance.




• An  everlasting, soft, treatment for your face and body that  strikingly ameliorates the overall quality of your skin.

•Keeps  your skin younger looking through the regeneration of cells and active  metabolism.

•Leaves  your skin, smooth, silky and non- itchy.

•Effectively removes dead skin cells, blackhead, whiteheads, cosmetic  residual and waste from your skin without breaching the skin or altering  the skin Keratin.

 Breakup  and get rid of impurities and waste by shrinking pores, reducing  finelines and preventing the formation of wrinkles.

• Fortify  the skin barrier, improves the skin-moisture keeping ability and  maintain balance in oxygen level and sebum

• Gives  you comfort from sunburn and burning sensation.

•Lights up  your skin tone, acne marks, spots, freckles and stretch marks as well.


How to use  it?

Germanium  soap deep cleansing action will clear secretion to keep your face free  of blemishes and acne in no time.

 Germanium soap can also  be used as a facial mask and follow the instruction mentioned below to  make bubble mask:

• Using a  basin, whisk the soap into hot water to form large amounts of fine  bubble foam.

• Apply  the foam on your face or the affected area and massage gently for 3-4  mins.

• Rinse  with warm water.

•In time  to come skin will look fresh, regenerated and restored.


Use the Germanium  Beauty Bar like normal soap 2 to 3 times daily. Apply it directly onto  your face and body. After 20 seconds, wash or shower it away


Benefits  of Germanium Soap is ideal for everyone and that includes babies and  people effected with

•Weak and  skin with allergies.

•Worn  out, dull and dark skin.

• Weak  scalp or hair with dandruff.


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