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  1 x Anti Radiation Bio-Energy Quantum Science Ion cards    
Average Total Power: 1500~3000 Per Card

This card consists of Far infrared Ray (FIR) ,negative ion technology . 

It has been created such to enable to heal all health aspects pertaining appropriate human body blood circulations.

What are the benefits of Bio-Energy Card ?


1) Proper human body Blood Circulation

2) Enlighten stress & fatique

3) Increase energy

4) Release bacteria effectively

5) Activate drinking water molecules

6) Activate bodys water molecules

7) To vanish bad odors

8) Maintain food freshness stored in the refrigerator

9) Enlighten migraine, back pain and body arthritis

10) Maintain excellent growth for plants and greens.


This item gives you following benefits 


Reduction of inflammation in your body
Enhancement of blood circulation
Destruction of viruses and bacteria in the body
It enhances immune and endocrine systems in your body
Increases your focus and concentration
Increases energy in your body
Helps in protecting DNA from any damage 
Strengthens the body’s Biofield - preventing electro-magnetic waves from affecting your health
Helps to fight cancer cells in body
Helps lowering the ageing process





★ The Effects On A Persons Well Being 


The bio-electrical current present in our bodies is often disturbed by external factors such as electromagnetic (EMF, EMR, RF) waves emitted from computers, mobile cell phones, and many other modern day appliances. Lack of exercise, poor eating habits, poor nutrition, and internal stress further affect this bio-electrical current. One of the side effects of these stresses is accumulation of lactic acid in the blood and concentrations of abnormally high levels of lactic acid in the muscles. This condition leads to a hindrance of muscle contraction and ultimately fatigue, ageing and disease. Examples of how this commonly manifests in our bodies includes headaches, stiffness in shoulders and neck, lower back aches, digestive problems, tiredness, and joint pains. The Scalar Pendants have been energized to emit a higher frequency of bio-energy back into the body thereby stimulating the cells to vibrate, oscillate more effectively. Far-Infra Red(FIR) properties in the Pendants may then further assist with improving blood circulation an important precursor to good health. Every member of the family should be wearing the Energized Pendants. For adults the Pendant is more than just an Energized Pendant it is to be a daily reminder of the importance of making healthier choices throughout the day. Every time you wear the Pendant it should be reminder to eat healthier foods, to exercise regularly, to drink in moderation, and to treat one's body responsibly. We firmly believe that children today around the world need to wear Energized Pendants to also help combat the effects of bad energies bombarding their bodies from watching TV, mobile phones being in front of computers, playing video games, and spending less time in outdoors. Never before has the world seen children with higher rates of obesity and diabetes. These Energized Pendants can be a powerful tool in educating children about healthier choices.




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