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High Strength Magnetic Therapy Adjustable  Silver Plated  Ring

Adjustable silver  plated solid copper ring in attractive  tricolour swirl design, with two high strength (3,000 gauss) magnets

Ring is approximately 6mm wide (max) adjustable from approximately size 'M' upward

Supplied gift boxed, direct from GemZone

Nickel and lead free plating on this solid copper ring provide a pretty twist on the more run of the mill designs!

Copper and Magnetic Therapy

The healing benefits of both copper and magnetism have a long and trusted pedigree. Copper bracelets were common in all the ancient cultures, their popularity far outweighing that of silver and even gold, because of copper's medicinal and preventative properties.  Magnetism, too, has long been established as a viable and safe alternative to conventional medicine and whilst no one as yet fully understands exactly how it works, its efficacy as a method of pain relief is well documented and it is employed throughout the world as a first choice for chronic pain management.



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