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The human mind is the transmitter of consciousness. As such, human consciousness functions much like a band of stations one might find on a radio set. Some of the stations are easily identifiable, easily detectable with the tuning dial. The most commonly used and loudest channels would be analogous to the function of the conscious mind. We are generally accustomed to listening to and communicating with a set number of channels of perception that we call “awareness”.

The human mind has an amazing capacity for storage. We immediately record everything that we experience. However, these memories, experiences, thoughts, behaviors, are not stored in the most commonly used channels of awareness. The mind stores this information in a variety of sub channels. These channels are not commonly used and for the most part, are left to their own devices and forgotten unless some external stimulus triggers their resurrection.

This stored information has a profound effect upon our behavior. The way we react to the world, our friends, family, even to ourselves is largely determined by the information that we store within the mind.

The Conscious Chakra clearing and remove energy Mp3 is designed to be the first product that actually addresses the area of conscious mind cleansing and hygiene.

This combination is a beautiful way to work with the Orgone Pyramids.

Regular use of this Mp3 will help the user:

Improve sleep……improve concentration…strengthen positive behaviors and thoughts….gradually reduce destructive thoughts and energies that interfere with the quality of life…..provide greater peace of mind….provide a greater sense of clarity…enhance creative energy…support increased emotional strength…..support mental, emotional, and spiritual growth…


In the secret they do not mention the kabalion, in this PDF you will be able to understand the law of the universe as well as the missing elements of why certain thing's go wrong in your life


The Kalalion - The Secret Behind The Secret - Ebook




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Mp3 Download

The Conscious Mind & soul Cleansing Enhancement Download.



Benefits: helps to clear the user’s conscious mind of negative thoughts, behaviours, and habits that interfere with emotional, mental, and spiritual growth.


This Download can be used in conjunction with the Orgone pyramid the benefits are very noticeable if practised for a week on a daily basis.

5 minutes soul cleansing

Free Download Click Below

Helps to purify the soul of impurity impression's.




Soul Cleansing

This will clear your soul by going to your astral body.



Negative Energy Removal

Removing negative energy is an important tool to do everyday or once a week to evolve as a soul.


Chakra Balance

This is good for preparing yourself for a meditation session it will help silence the mind.



Miracle prayer

miracle prayer by Mitchell Gibson, listen to it everyday you will benefit from the sound of ancient Sanskrit


Spirit Attachment Removal

some spirits attach to us, due to the desire's we have accustomed we must now clear them out of our spirit


Meditation Mp3 -orgonite fuser

A great meditation sound to have to relax with your orgonite


The valley of peace



The Shores Of Time

Over time, the information that we store within the mind can become either a blessing or a curse. For most of us, it is generally a mixture of both. The Chakra Clearing and Remove negative energy mp3 is designed to gradually dissolve and eliminate negative and destructive mental and emotional energies that are stored within the mind. To accomplish this task, this CD employs a special series of powerful and penetrating tones and computer generated sounds that bore into the neurons and nerve pathways. Once there, the tones are programmed to detect and dissolve harmful patterns of energy.

Specially programmed subliminally embedded EMDR tones then help to encourage our own innate subconscious ability to eliminate these energy patterns.

The tones are also programmed to detect and nourish the seeds of energy that are helpful and growth-enhancing. These seeds lie dormant for the most part and are not energized within most of us. The specialized tones within The Chakra clearing and Removing Negative energy mp3 seek out an envelop to these very precious seeds. They are then surrounded in a resonant cavity of nourishing energy that builds with each subsequent completion of the exercise.


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