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With the advance of technology comes a desire to improve on anything that's already existing. The creation of 5G is a sign of that. 5G technology is a massive upgrade over 4G that's reported to boast of speeds 20 times faster than what we saw in the previous generation. While this is good, since it means we can access and transfer information faster than before, it does come with drawbacks in the form of EMF radiation.

5g emf radiation


Every house is filled to the brim with technology in today's society. This doesn't only include the ones that we own since we all have neighbors, colleagues, and others. Having mentioned that, EMF or Electromagnetic Field radiation comes from all devices that surround us. This includes the likes of our microwaves, power lines, Wi-Fi devices, and in this case specifically, cell towers. Cell towers release a type of electromagnetic radiation called radiofrequency radiation and its non-ionizing. In other words, the kind of radiation from cell towers doesn't have enough energy to break chemical bonds or remove electrons. Hence, in theory, it poses little to no risk to our health. But in the end, you should not forget the fact that we are not talking about the radiofrequency radiation from 4G or 3G cell towers.



Instead, we're talking about 5G, a technology that comes with faster processing speeds, which hence require more bandwidth. The only problem with that particular theory is the fact that our current bandwidth (for 4G and 3G) is getting saturated. So from that viewpoint, we can say 5G technology was created to operate on the lesser-known bandwidth of the high-frequency millimeter wave (MMW). The range of MMW is between 30GHz and 300GHz. Therein lies the problem of 5G, which is its lack of range.

High-frequency MMW is a type of wave that can only travel short distances at a time. Additionally, MMW can't go through objects blocking its path, which leads to underwhelming signal levels. The solution found for this issue is to build smaller radio towers that'll bridge the gap between the bigger ones that we see. This immediately solves the signal interference, but at the same time, it's a solution that carries a much higher risk of exposure to EMF radiation than 4G or 3G ever did.



Reports from different scientists all over the world already imply that 4G cell tower radiation can lead to health issues. What more is 5G technology, which even needs more cell towers to work correctly. The result of making 5G the norm is a spike in EMF radiation levels all around us. True, it does have its benefits, but the short-term and long-term side effects, which we'll list now are still present. The side effects include

  • Memory loss

  • Headaches

  • Cancer

  • Dizziness

  • Negatively alters sleep pattern

  • Congenital disabilities

  • Heart disease

  • Brain tumors

  • Electrical sensitivity

  • Infertility

  • Fatigue and vertigo

  • Learning problems and lack of concentration

  • Tinnitus (ringing in ears)

  • Eye problems

  • Oxidative damage (tissue deterioration and premature aging)



Unlike 4G and 3G whose effects doesn't extend to our surroundings, the same doesn't apply to 5G. Specifically, we can say that the tech’s use of MMWs puts our environment at risk. 5G harms plants, the natural ecosystems around, and also affects the earth’s atmosphere at the same time too.

emf radiation 5g nature


A 2010 report shows that the leaves of aspen seedlings exhibited symptoms of necrosis when exposed to RF radiation. Also, another study now suggests that low-intensity MMWs causes cell damage to wheat shoots. Combine these two reports; and the hidden meaning is that 5G can potentially contaminate our food.



Since RF radiation has adverse effects on us humans, other animals are not excluded from the list too. Over the last two decades, there have been several reports from different health bodies about the effects of RF radiation on bird and bee health. The study says low-level, non-ionizing microwave radiation can drive birds from their nests, cause locomotion problems, plume deterioration, reduced survivorship levels, and in some cases, even death. On the part of the bees, the radiation causes issues in the queen bees' egg-laying abilities, which in turn leads to reduced honey yield due to smaller colony sizes.



During the implementation stage of the 5G technology, it will be required to launch many, short-term satellites through suborbital rockets that are fueled by hydrocarbon rocket engines. When this happens, black carbon from the rocket engines gets into the atmosphere. From there, it will contaminate the atmosphere on a global scale—thus, affecting the distribution of temperature and ozone. In combination with this, the rocket exhaust may contain chlorine which is an ozone-destroying element.


These reports back up the fact that RF radiation from the weaker 4G and 3G technology are dangerous to certain extents. So for the upcoming 5G tech and even the current generation, this post is designed to offer tips or methods, and gadgets, that can shield you from the EMF radiation from cell towers.

electromagnetic radiation emf protection children


While this might look weird here, it's one of the most popular questions that gets sent to us. That said, the answer is quite easy to see. The thing with the average human’s maturity is that body’s ability to fight radicals and illnesses off increases as maturity increases. With children, on the other hand, exposing them to RF radiation at a young age is a bad idea. In one study, children exposed to RF radiation usually complain of the following

  • Headaches

  • Lack of focus

  • Dizziness

  • Anxiety

  • Racing heart or irregular heartbeat

  • Chest pain

  • Fatigue


With these types of side effects reported, it's easy to see that children are even more susceptible to RF radiation than adults due to the case of maturity at play. So it's important they are well separated from areas with radiation concentration.



Pick any of the following methods and make sure you stick to it. While nowadays, it's almost impossible to avoid being on the receiving end of RF radiation, that doesn't mean you can't reduce your exposure to the substance.



At times, the best way to prevent something is to avoid the source entirely. In this case, we recommend that you should avoid staying close to your cell phone, Wi-Fi devices, computers, etc. The general rule is that the farther you are from a source of radiation, the lesser your exposure to it. We agree that this isn't exactly the easiest of things to do since cell phones and desktops are also our most popular means of communication (whether for business or otherwise). Still, you asked for something practical, and here is one that’s the probably the most popular you can choose.


Tip: When neither of your phone or computer is in use, and if it doesn't hurt anything, you can switch them off. This isn't only good for reducing radiation; it's also good for your phone’s health.



If you're trying to avoid using your phones, that might be the best time to go outdoors and get in contact with mother nature. Earthing is a process that requires you to make direct contact with the ground, and thus, feel the electrons running beneath the earth’s surface.

This phenomenon makes use of earth’s magnetic frequency to reduce oxidative stress on your body. In more everyday terms, when you walk barefoot on the ground, your body sheds much of the voltage you've been carrying, and thus, the radiation. It might not be the most favorite of methods since it only cleanses (not block) radiation, but it's still one of the best options we have. Besides, walking barefoot on the lawn won't hurt a thing.

ORAC food diet emf radiation


Food is just one of those things whose presence and absence affects our bodies. The funniest thing though is the fact that the presence/absence can both give any between a positive and negative result. By that logic, it's easy to see how your diet can easily be customized to fight RF radiation.

Radiation is mainly bad because it increases the number of free radicals in the body. The objective after that is to eat food with the right nutrients to kill off those free radicals. Just make sure you eat food with high Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC). The list of food includes wild blueberries, pecans, walnuts, pomegranate, dates, rosemary, and basil.


Tip: To complement the new diet, you can include nutrients such as Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D3. This increases your body’s ability at fighting off free radicals found.



While other methods in the list are in some ways unconventional, this particular method is tailored to help reduce RF radiation drastically in your home.




Know that 5G technology isn't the only source of EMF radiation in our environments. So it's only healthy to stay updated on everything EMF radiation that happens. This includes methods on how you can prevent EMF radiation, new sources of the radiation, and also owning a gaussmeter. The former helps you update any of the preventive measures that you've already put to use, while the second one enables you to measure EMF radiation in your surrounding.



Operating on the same principle as all the devices in the Orgone Personal Protection Home Pack we recommended above; there are other alternatives that you can consider. The first is wearing an orgone pendant the second is having a pyramid. Both options kill RF radiation in your body by reducing indicative stress.



EMF radiation shouldn't be taken lightly: Especially in the case of the upcoming 5G connectivity. Sure, its side effects aren't concrete, but by all signs, it does have some. And as time goes on, it'll surely increase as we get introduced to newer gadgets (and thus radiation). So in the long run, before any long-term effect (if any) rears up its ugly head, it's better to start shielding ourselves now.


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