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used for meditation/grounding/emf/ energy


These orgone Egyptian Rods were constructed to help rebuild used energy within your auric field many chants have been added into them to amplify its cosmic charge. We have applied the understanding of Ancient Egyptian rods with added orgone layer.



They enhance concentration and are specially designed for meditation.



if you feel spaced out and need to focus your energy back into your body these rods have the capacity to return you back to earth GUARANTEED.

How ?

we use shungite, and structured formula such as iron. to help bring oxygen into the blood. we understand that the first sign of life is water, the second aspect to enhance life is minerals, which is founded in water, and Iron promotes red blood cells which reaches the veins and activates energy into the body. when the rods incorporated  shungite, you get the most powerful rods.









used for meditation/grounding/emf/ energy













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